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Savings don't have to mean sacrifice. Our building performance services can lead to reduced energy bills AND greater comfort.
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Drafty rooms in the winter? Hot rooms in the summer? Our whole-house approach to building science can improve comfort while simultaneously lowering energy bills.
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Energy efficiency means you don't have to suffer to save money on energy costs. Learn how our energy efficiency improvements can reduce energy costs year round, while making your home more environmentally friendly.
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Improved Air Quality

A high performance home is a home with healthier indoor air quality and a better living environment for you and your family - with lower risk of asthma and other respiratory issues.
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Our Customer's Say...

"Jim provides an outstanding Energy Efficiency consulting service. he is an asset to the profession, very knowledgable in building science for small commercial and residential buildings. I highly recommend him."
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North Star Energy Consulting LLC (NSEC) provides a wide range of diagnostic services for both existing homes, residential new construction and commercial properties.  Our services are tailored to address your specific concerns or problems to the best of our ability.  We are one of the oldest energy consulting firms in the greater Milwaukee area and we have served thousands of clients since 1998.



Our comprehensive home energy audit can pinpoint energy waste, improve building comfort & health, and put you on the path toward lower utility bills.

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New Construction Ratings

Just like cars have a miles-per-gallon rating, the Home Energy Rating system gives new homes a rating for energy efficiency.

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Commercial Services

Our commercial building performance services can improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create healthier indoor environments for building occupants.

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Key Customer Benefits:

  • Problem solving and diagnostic evaluation by an experienced specialist who is not trying to sell any particular product or home improvement service.
  • Quality control. The NSEC consultant can provide a follow-up inspection and evaluation of energy and ventilation related improvements to assure they are done properly.
  • No Guessing. Professional testing and evaluation helps the home owner solve the problem the first time instead of spending hard earned money for improvements which may not be effective.